Monday, November 7, 2011

An Update!

We are engaged! As of 7/23/11. It happened in Portland, OR when I went to visit Nick while he was working there. Portland is amazing! We got to see the adorable city with wonderful food and shopping, the mountains and waterfalls that floor you with their beauty, and a short drive to the ocean. The weather was absolutely perfect. When we came home to KC we had a casual engagement party with family. Our official wedding date is 9/15/2012, the same day as my parents'. Our families are big so an extreemly small wedding is out of the question, though I long for the feel of a small wedding. I have my dress, vintage of course! There will be lots of vintage elements and will be mostly DIY. We will post pictures of the process on here.
We can feel the Holiday Season creeping up on us. We have a few Christmas treats in the shop and this month is proving to be awesome! We are very excited to go through our first Holiday Season with this shop. We have great items for gifts for all different tastes. Be sure to check it out as we continue to add more throughout the season. We are aiming to make a goal of 100 sales by the new year! Happy Shopping!!
<3 Emma and Nick