Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A New Journey

We have been living in the River Market area of Kansas City for about a year now. We decided to take the plunge and buy our first house! After a few weeks of looking we found the one! The process of buying can be a long one but it was well worth it. The house is from 1913, very good condition and in our ideal neighborhood of Brookside! Also- it is within walking distance to a post office- one of my favorite parts about it! I can just ride my bike over with etsy packages in tow to ship out! We are also excited for our designated etsy space. Our space now has a whole room, but lack of storage options forces it to become more than just etsy. This house will provide a less chaotic space to work, which I plan on doing ALOT! More pictures to come! We move in at the end of this month!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Getting settled into a new home takes time. We had a good holiday season. Soon this year I'll be able to take a week vacation and devote it just to the shop. I'm excited about that. Here is a picture of our studio with all of our shop stuff. Nick built those beautiful shelves. Didn't he do a job?