Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting ready for the Big Leagues!

It was our dream and plan to get started with a Vintage Booth in the West Bottoms in March. Everything seemed to happen serendipitously to make this dream fall into place. For those who don't know in Kansas City there is an area called the West Bottoms. Because of intense flooding a long time ago this area is mostly deserted leaving interesting cool warehouses behind. What you can find here however are the haunted houses open during the Fall season, and every First Friday weekend of the month tons of these buildings are open as a huge Antique Market. It is a huge thing here and we are so lucky to live in a city with such interests in vintage and antiques. It's been our plan to one day have a booth, we were thinking March or April. I was contacted by someone who saw my etsy shop about getting a space down there. We were immediately excited and so flattered. The next day at work a customer came in who my other manager recognized as owning her favorite space in the West Bottoms. She told her I was looking into getting a booth to which she replied that she had a couple spaces available! I was so excited! I prepped myself to see the spaces in February and we got a booth! It will be at Hickory Dickory in the West Bottoms! Our first weekend will be March 7th, 8th and 9th! It's truly a dream come true and now were shopping shopping shopping to get our booth ready! The only furniture piece we have so far is an old desk- but I love it! Here are some pictures of what we have found recently! If you're in the area please check us out in March! Follow us in Instagram as well @maplevintage!

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