Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Update on New Finds

So, Nick left yesterday to work for a few weeks back in Kansas. On his way back he and his parents went to an antique event/festival and he found some adorable things. A Jack and the Beanstalk book, very similar to the Red Riding Hood book we have in our shop, a little yellow lunch box and a cheese grater. We are starting to settle into our life together and making sure when he is here it doesn't feel like a visit. After doing distance for so long it can be hard, but we try to go out to eat less and cook more at home, do more low key things. I just got him into watching Dexter and we are nearing the end of the 1st season. We need a show that is new to both of us too. If anyone has any suggestions let us know! We have been watching Game of Thrones, but I think he is a little more into it than I am. We were able to list some more goodies while he was here:
We have a few egg beaters. They have fabulous character. We just love the way they look as decor in a kitchen.
I just love the cover of this book! We have an Alice in Wonderland book by Companion Library as well.
I am absolutely obsessed with this book. It has the most interesting recipes. I mean, who makes ham banana rolls with cheese sauce? Many of these recipes call for American Cheese, which I find hilarious since the only American cheese I know of is Kraft Singles. Ah the 50's! Gotta love em!
Nick found this amazing dentist utensil holder! It's one of my mom's favorites right now too.
Until Next Time!

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  1. Hey Sweets, Seb and I loved Game of Thrones, we've also been into "Louie" (not to be confused with "Lucky Louie") "Parks & Rec," "Mad Men," "Arrested Development," "The Sopranos," "The Wire," "Breaking Bad," "The United States of Tara" (which takes place in Overland Park!), and I've been really hooked on British murder mysteries lately, especially "Miss Marple" and "Midsomer Murders," and the Sherlock Holmes. Oh, and a lovely costume drama that aired earlier this year: "Downton Abbey" I miss you! +Chelsea